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Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the rosters?

  • There is no max player limit however, we want everyone to get an ample amount of playing time.

  • JV & Varsity Divisions are encouraged as long as there are enough players/teams.

  • A roster can be split at the discretion of the League Director. Ex: If there are 4 Quarterbacks on a roster, the team will most likely be split based on if there are enough players to roster two teams.


What day and where are the practices?

  • Practices will be held an hour prior to the game at the game field, unless the coach wants to organize a practice during the week voluntarily. There will be a designated practice area for the teams on gameday.

Who will be the coaches and how do you become a coach?

  • We encourage parents to participate as coaches as we promote a fun filled family atmosphere in developing proper sportsmanship. To become a Coach please complete the coach's submission form. Every coach is subject to a background check.

What if my High School team cannot roster a full team?

  • Individuals can still play. If your HS team cannot roster a full team, you will be placed on a team.

How do I form or register a team?

  • Each team requires at least 9 players on the roster. Each player is required to sign up individually and select their current/future High School team.

What does my kid need to wear for games?

  • Every player is required to wear a Gamebreaker soft shell helmet.

  • Every player is required to wear a mouthguard.

  • Film To Field will provide all players with their game compression top & shorts.

Can a Varsity player play in the JV Division?

  • NO. A Varsity player (rising 11th, rising 12 or current 12th grader) can never play down but a JV player can play up.

What is the time commitment associated with 7v7?

  • Each team will play two 40-minute games one or two nights per week.

What ages are allowed to play in the league?

  • Rising 9th - 12th graders

  • Current 8th graders in the spring who will be rising 9th graders in the fall

  • Current 12th graders are allowed to play if league is played before their graduation

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