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Film To Field High School 7v7 City League is the fastest growing High School sport league in the country. Our national High School league is the perfect off-season program for team to work with their own High School teammates to gain an edge over their competition.

With the support of Film To Field - we provide the tools you need to start, maintain and grow a High School 7v7 City League in your community!

Important Details and FAQ's

Is There An Upfront Cost To Become A League Director?

  • There is no upfront financial investment required to start a Film To Field 7v7 City League.

What Are Directors Responsible For?

  • Game Management of the league

    • Rostering​

    • Uniform ordering

    • Scheduling

    • Customer Service

  • Leasing the fields

  • Organizing the Officials and compensation

  • Marketing and promoting the city league

  • Insurance for the league

  • Scholarship players if needed

How Much Money Can I Make As A League Director?

  • League Directors net roughly $40 per athlete based on our average registration fee of $160 per season and our typical leagues average 90 athletes per season.

Is The Registration Fee Determined By The League Director?

  • Yes

What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Operate A League?

  • Winter or Spring Season

What Is Included In The League Directors Kit?

  • Season Champions Trophy

  • TeamLinkt website management

  • Background Check System

  • Affiliation with Film To Field brand

  • Access to custom marketing materials to promote your league

What is the time commitment associated with 7v7?

  • Each team will play two 40-minute games per week.

Connect With Our Team To Learn More!

Have you ever owned a business or managed a sports organization?
Do you have capital to generate marketing for your league?
Do you have flexibility in your work schedule to promote your league?
We require all directors to perform a background check, will this be a problem?

Thanks for submitting!

Bring 7v7 City League to your City!

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